"Creating transformations that will have an amazing impact the way you look and feel. It’s not just a career, it’s a passion"- Lea McMillan 


Lea has always had a strong drive to be a person who nurtured others. After learning very quickly how important hair is to an individual, the beauty industry found a special place in her heart.

"Our hair is not just about our physical appearance. It’s a representation of our personality, our identity, our freedom to express ourselves, and our emotions."


Lea finds it very important to take the time to get to know her clients and listen to their needs and concerns. This allows for her to naturally and organically create a transformation that is creative and expressive for each individual.

Lea has spent many years building off of her experiences and growing into the stylist she is today. Working in salon for over 12 years as well as on set Celebrity Stylist in the freelance world. Lea specializes in hair color, hair extensions, and hair styling. She is confident she will give you an amazing transformation that you will absolutely love from start to finish!

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